Citroen dpf additive reset

This page:. The Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is part of your exhaust and controls the 'soot' that would otherwise be expelled from the system. You may have noticed that modern diesels no longer leave you in a cloud of smelly black smoke when they accelerate off. The filter collects a certain amount of these harmful deposits and then burns them off at an extremely high temperature degrees c. In normal driving this will happen without you being aware but on continued short journeys the particals can build up and remain 'stuck' in the system.

It's at this point the warning light will come on and your intervention is required. You should drive your vehicle for approximately 15 minutes keeping the engine revs between - rpm. This is probably best done on an A road.

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Keep the car in a lower than normal gear use 'S' on an automatic in order to keep the revs up. The simple answer is DON'T! If you continue to drive and simply hope the light will go off which it won't you risk two things. Firstly the filter will become so blocked it can no longer be cleared, even by your dealer.

How to clear the blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

When the filter reaches a certain percentage full it can no longer clean itself and neither can you by driving in the correct style.

Do not attempt a repair if you are not appropriately trained or do not have the correct tools or equipment to conduct a repair safely.

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Please refer to your drivers handbook. No claim can be made against us for loss of earnings, inconvenience or any other incurred expenses. Drive the vehicle for approx 15 minutes keeping the engine revs between - rpm. For automatic vehicles use the 'S' setting in order to keep the revs up.

If the light doesn't go off consult your Volkswagen Retailer. Don't continue to drive as there is a risk of fire! If additional lights come on, stop the vehicle and arrange recovery to your dealer. Related Links: VW dash warning lights - what they mean. Please Link to Us. How to clean, clear and reset regenerate the system You should drive your vehicle for approximately 15 minutes keeping the engine revs between - rpm.

What happens if I ignore the light? I've tried but the light won't go out When the filter reaches a certain percentage full it can no longer clean itself and neither can you by driving in the correct style. The light on your dash board will look like this.Original Poster. Parrot of Doom. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Diesel Additive - Minimum Level. Prev of 2 2 Next. I have recently bought a Diesel and am not oh-fait with its nuances yet.

A message has appeared Diesel Additive - Minimum Level Any suggestions what this is?? Parrot of Doom 23, posts months. What kind of car is it?

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Have you checked the oil level? I can't think of a fluid in any car that requires additives, other than coolant and washer bottle. I am guessing there is a resoviour of "Addiative" somewhere that need topping up. But where?? Parrot of Doom said: What kind of car is it? Its a Citroen C5. I know its not the manly thing but you read the instuction book. They manual said Call Dealer!!! So thats what I did It's the fiuid level in the particulate filter.

Quote from Citroen Without a further ECU controlled process this filter would become blocked and need regular replacement. An additional ECU controlled function is used which injects an additive into the fuel tank, this additive modifies the particulates in the diesel fuel and makes them burn at a lower temperature, The ECU will also promote burning within the filter by using post injection injection of fuel via main injectors when the exhaust valve is open.

This post injection process will promote burning to continue down the exhaust pipe and therefore burn off any particulates that have been held in the filter. A system re-set is required when the additive tank level drops below a pre-determined minimum. This should occur at about 50, miles.Moderator: RichardW. Also, the service counter, which increases by 1 each time you clear faults has a limit of 50, what happens when you get to 50 - does it self destruct? I run a full ECU test, and found the fault, double clicked on the ECU and then it run another shorter check and displayed two faults, the one I was interested in and another can not remember what the other was - getting old anyway when I clicked on the 'Dustbin' icon on the bottom right corner, I went through a number of screens, where we had to enter the mileage.

It then said it was erasing faults, then we followed the instructions, ignition onignition off and so on, then just at the end of the process it said failed, however the other fault cleared. Could it be the sensor as fault? I even went through the maintenance checking options, and it again said that it required topping up!!

✔ Tutorial how to BSI reset step by step on Citroen and Peugeot

Not too sure of VIN without going outside and checking. Cheers again for trying today Stu. Pretty much the only option we didnt go in to Stu.

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It would be about right for it to come on at 90k. I wouldn't trust what the engine ECU says about what's left, it never tallies with what's in the actual tank! On ours ECU still said it was half full, but additive reported it empty, and indeed when taken off, the bag was leaking and there was very little left. It's not too difficult to check, remove the cover at the OSR, disconnet the pipe and cable, then 4 toggles to drop the tank. The bit about the removal of the plug from the diagnostic port will be important too.

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So this was the older procedure with separate additive ECU. One thing it does say though is when removing the additive tank NOT to turn it upside down! Is says to check the level remaining in the tank wither by the diagnostic tool or by physicaly measuring it as Richard says, then to remember the quantity remaining - so I guess you will need this at some point later in the procedure.

It does say if refilling the tank completely, then to reset the additive ECU to zero. Hopeless, I know! I seriously would NOT by a cheap kit as for this price the likelihood is that the kit will not be a full chip kit and will not talk to the engine ECU. If you are thinking about owning any Citroen, Peugeot or DS Automobile vehicles, then a kit should be considered an investment.I have a message appearing saying particle filter additives too low.

Can this be sorted by yourselves without having to put my car through a full diagnositics? We go on a road trip next Wed so ideally I'd like this attending to before we go away? Is this possible? It sounds like your particle filter additive needs topping up, which is due at around the 80, mile mark in most cases. In terms of resetting the message, we will need to use a diagnostic tool to do this but that doesn't necessarily mean we would have to perform a full diagnostic.

If you would like to give our team a call on someone will be able to give you some more detailed advice and book you in at your local Stoneacre garage at a time and date to suit you. I have a 57 plate c4 grand picasso 1. Your particulate filter additive level being low, or the reservoir being empty in your case, doesn't necessarily mean that your C4 Grand Picasso will require a new DPF.

However, it is often the case that the additive needs topping up around the 80, mile mark. If your car has covered a large number of miles without the DPF having been replaced, there is a chance that this will need replacing solely due to wear and tear over a large number of miles. Having said that, we won't be able to diagnose any potential issues without having a look at your car and the DPF.

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citroen dpf additive reset

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Instructions on Resetting Peugeot Fluid DPF Additive Levels and Counters with Lexia-3

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citroen dpf additive reset

Citroen berlingo DPF recurring problem.? Thread starter stevewestern Start date Apr 13, Messages 4, Edit My Images Yes. A few months ago 6 months, and mainly motorway miles my DPF warning light came on, and as we were on a pre-Christmas trip to visit family I took it to a Citroen dealer about miles from home.

Yesterday the warning light came on again, so I took it to my regular garage, who are in the 'Good Garage Scheme' and he said that I should have been given a readout showing the DPF fluid levels before and after which I have now asked for and that he would like to see this before doing anything. I am still waiting to hear back from the first place. Anyway, my question is this - am I right to expect a repair to last more than 6, miles, and if so, am I likely to get the first place to cover the cost of getting it fixed at either my local guy or the closest Citroen garage, as I am loathe to drive miles each way Thanks for any help!

Box Brownie Apr 13, Messages 8, Edit My Images No. I never knew has DPF had a fluid level! Were I in your shoes I would check the details with Citroen and as for the garage paying question ask the CAB for some 'legal' insight??? Last edited: Apr 13, Box Brownie said:. Alastair Apr 13, Messages 10, Edit My Images No. I believe that some filters just get replaced.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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Thread starter heartofdiamonds Start date Jan 11, Prev 1 2 3. First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Brifter Novice Member. Thanks for pointing that out. Now thinking of flushing it out for starters, but warning message has been showing for some time Brifter said:. IronGiant Moderator.

citroen dpf additive reset

But you were considering complete removal a few months ago Fulwood Active Member. Yes, sorry I see it now. I will provide you with a very cheap way of doing it yourself on most cars. You'd have to define 'modern' If you mean 'new', there aren't many, if any, diesels without a DPF.

I was a member of an Audi forum at that point and the board was being flooded with posts about DPF issues. As for manufacturers that suffer from less DPF problems than others, that's a hard one to gauge as people rarely post about not having problems.

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Last edited: Apr 23, Lee Moderator.Moderator: RichardW. Ours is an early one, so appears to be on I just go by the service docs as per the link I gave you which is identical for both the C4 Picasso 1. On opening the box it says Powerflex on the bag, but the connector is green - so god only knows what is in it!! Will fit it later today after I have filled it up with diesel, and let it pump in additive from the old bag, just in case it goes wrong on activating it!

Anyway, new bag fitted - it's not bad, once you realise that you don't need to remove the nut from the long stud poking down under the car that is all rusty. Inevitably this only happens once you have been to Halfords to buy a 13mm deep socket, only to find out that it's bigger than that anyway At least I didn't go back for a 14 or !

Just as well I didn't buy just fluid as the bag was leaking, and there was a good bit of fluid sloshing about in the bottom of the casing. I've reset the counter and did the priming operation recommended in the procedure; however this didn't seem to do anything - just said operation complete.

citroen dpf additive reset

I tried it with the engine running, and it refused, so who knows what it's done!

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